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Alex October 24, 2010

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Yesterday afternoon I had the honor of capturing images of a friend of mine’s son, Alex.  He is an Eagle Scout which is the highest rank attainable in the BSA. 


Steven October 23, 2010

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Back downtown Kennesaw this morning near The General taking senior shots of Steven.  He did a great job posing for me almost like he was a pro!


Cassidy October 22, 2010

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Back at Roswell Mill again this morning.  We came across a beautiful patch of morning glory’s but the only way to get a picture with them was to climb the fence and sit on a rock ledge that was on a pretty steep decline!  But Cassidy just went for it and I shot through the fence rails where my 105mm 2.8 new lens barely fit through!  Great job today Cassidy.  It was a lot of fun!

You can’t tell from this image, but I am quite a piece away, shooting with my 105mm 2.8 lens and Cassidy is in the middle of the river with rushing water all around her.  She had to wade through lots of water and climb on several rocks to get to this spot.  She looks like a million bucks!

Downtown Kennesaw on the Kennesaw Train Museum property, we found many great places to take pictures.  This was one of my favorites.


Courtney October 21, 2010

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We took these shots at an old abandoned house this morning with senior Courtney.  Hers is the face of a future aerospace engineer… We wish you the best at Auburn next year!

We ventured inside and got these great shots…


Joe October 16, 2010

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Tuesday I ventured out with a delightful young man to shoot his senior casuals.  Thanks for a great morning Joe!



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Had a fun shoot today with Erika and her mom Lisa. It was a gorgeous day in Atlanta and a perfect day for a shoot. 


Varsity Cheer Crown Knights October 13, 2010

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Last Saturday we had fun with this great group of girls.  It was the perfect morning to shoot this Rock Solid Poster at the creek.  Thanks for a great shoot Varsity Knights Cheerleaders!!


Julian October 11, 2010

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Shot a busy two year old today.  This is my favorite image from the shoot.  But there were so many good ones it was hard to pick.  And what little guy doesn’t like a good play in the water and dirt alongside his John Deer boots!  You were a great sport today, Julian.  You have an adorable smile!


Bailey October 8, 2010

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Went to Roswell Mill again today to shoot another senior.  Bailey, her mom Wendy and their friend Marsha were such fun as we climbed up and down steep hills and over lots and lots of rocks!  Wendy even took a bad tumble on the rocks just to avoid falling on me and probably crushing my head as I was bending over to catch my balance!  Thanks Wendy!  Anyway, Bailey was beautiful.  Here is the first shot of the day, followed by the very last shot of the day.